Hello there - I'm Jeremy Johnson!
Seasoned UX design generalist, specializing in designing end-to-end solutions for web, mobile, and voice-driven customer experiences.

LDS Tools

Overview Back when skeuomorphism was all the rage, I was the Lead Designer for LDS Tools - an interactive directory and calendar for members of the LDS Church. It provides membership reports to Bishoprics, Branch and Stake Presidencies, and Clerks. I began this project doing extensive research into user needs, expectations and pain points in order to map out a prioritized feature list that I could begin designing for. After researching, I collected the data and began working on the various features that customers wanted to see. Since dev resources were limited I couldn’t test the features in a live beta, instead I designed and coded a hi-fidelity, fully interactive HTML / CSS / Javascript prototype to validate my design work. Unfortunately, I was pulled off of the project mid-testing to begin work on the Gospel Library App. However, the design and research lived-on to inform many future feature implementations.

CompanyLDS Church RolesSr. Mobile UX Designer, VXD, IXD, IA, User Researcher Year 2012 - 2013