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Amazon Appstore Buy Box

Overview The buy box is one of the more critical elements on a retail web page on amazon.com. Unfortunately, the Appstore buy box was severely outdated and didn’t look anything like many of the other buy boxes from other groups. One day I decided to do something about it, even though I technically was not the owner of the Appstore retail web experience, no one really was to be honest. My goals were to 1) update the design to align with other stores, 2) align with what exists on our devices, 3) leverage up-to-date components, 4) simplify and clean up the visual layout.

CompanyAmazon RoleSenior UX Designer
Visual Design
Layout / IA Year 2015

Heuristic Evaluation I began with a heuristic evaluation of all the various buy boxes. The other stores all had a common look and feel, minus Amazon Video. However, Appstore looked antiquated and out of place. I needed to fix that!

Iterate, Iterate, Iterate I then identified those buy boxes that were the most up to date and reached out to the AUI (Amazon User Interface) team to secure the proper component style guides and then began revamping the design, exploring several different variations, which accounted for all the functionality an Appstore buy box required.

Approved! After reviewing the different options with several different internal folks and stakeholders, my efforts paid off when the design was approved by legal and leadership and placed on the backlog. This was a big win considering the development work to build it had not been on anyones roadmap. It was built and launched shortly thereafter.